Making windows warmer and dryer

RetroWood specialises in retro fitting and refurbishing existing timber windows to give them up high performance without losing their character.

Multiple Solutions

There are many ways to upgrade your character windows that best suit your home and budget
EVS Insert Panels
EVS Insert Panels 

New durable insert windows that retain Character features and deliver triple glazed results. Made from composite PVC and timber, these windows are the best in performance and durability while retaining classic proportions. They feature an inside panel can be upgraded to include traditionally glazing bars or lead lights, or simply as a triple glazed unit.     

EVS Clip on panels
EVS Clip On Panels

Add a double glazed unit to the existing window to provide triple glazed performance and extra protection. This product is ideal for existing character windows that retain the original panels and protect the from the weather, condensation, and heat loss. BRANZ tested and appraised as a high performance solution.   

EVS Retro Panels
EVS Retro Glazed Panels 

Traditional retro glazing by removing the existing glass and installing a new double glazed panel. The retro panels are installed using durable PVC glazing beads that don't absorb water and provide a longer lasting durability with the EPDM rubber seals. This suits customers who want the minimal visual impact on upgrading their character windows. 

About RetroWood

RetroWood was started in 2016 after Mike and Catherine moved back to Dunedin. Having working for other glazing and joinery companies, they decided to start up their own business and found that there was a lot of work in Dunedin. The business has grown steadily over the past five years and in that time they have developed a number of new products that provide better solutions. These new products range from new glazing systems through to draught stops that have been rolled out around the rest of the country. These products are central to RetroWood's ongoing success by delivering better value for money, with better performance, for less cost. Mike and Catherine have set up their product company called EVS Window Technology Ltd that designs various PVC profiles and gets them manufactured into their range of unique window products.  

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This property was recently upgraded from single glazing to clip on panels that provided a triple glazing results. This project shows how well the EVS system has retained the properties original character while proving excellent performance at a very competitive price.

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