Get warmer and dryer windows with retro fitted double or triple glazing

 Retro Wood specialises in retro fitting and refurbishing existing timber windows to give them up high performance without losing their character.


EVS is a whole new way to protect and upgrade your character windows. The double glazed insulated panel provides a triple glazing result by retaining your existing character glass. The EVS panel increases protection against damaging weather and sun and preserves your window with minimal visual impact on the character of your home. Not only is EVS less invasive, it is also less expensive to install compared with the traditional replacement double glazing which requires invasive deconstruction and expensive re-glazing with only double glazing performance EVS can be installed by our fully trained team or by competent DIY home owners.
Retro Wood is the agent for EVS in Otago

RetoWood upgrades Timber windows

Your historic home needs to preserve its timber windows to maintain its special character, Retrowood has the products and expertise to upgrade and protect your windows for future generations.

EVS Retro Triple Glazing

EXterNAly fitted Panels

EVS Glazing provides the best protection for preserving your character windows while increasing insulation for warmer dryer windows. The externally fixed glazing panel provides superior triple glazed results at a more affordable price than other replacement glazing.

EVS Double Retro Glazing


Retro Glazing for timber windows to replace existing single glass panels with warmer dryer double glazed units. The new double glazed units will provide leading performance while maintaining your window's character.

Window Repair and Restoration

Preserve your Heritage windows

Make your timber windows as good as new by restoring them back to good health. Rot removal, Fitted seals, replacement hardware and insulated glazing will bring them back to life with superior performance as good as new replacement windows.


Welcome to RetroWood where we offer you new retro style doors and windows or retro fitting of your existing windows and doors. Double glazing wooden windows and doors requires joinery skills to trim out the old glass and install the new double glazing. 

Retrowood is a member of the Master Joiners Association and are fully qualified and equipped to inspect and repair or replace your existing timber joinery. Our years of experience in the joinery and building industry provides a high level of skill and knowledge that will ensure top quality results.

The glazing units are supplied directly from reputable glazing companies. RetroWood staff work onsite to remove and replace each panel within the same day unless there are on-going repairs or replacement required.

RetroWood has developed its own unique tools and systems that allow in situ glass replacement so that in most cases your job can be done onsite.

Retro Wood offers a complete one-stop-shop service from supply and manufacture of new windows and doors to retrofitting and paint finishing as well as window protection services. Call us now for a free no obligation quote.

EVS Double Retro Glazing 

RetroWood is the Agent for EVS Double Retro Glazing that uses advanced uPVC glazing beads to provide a more durable retro glazing system. 

  • Advanced uPVC aerated glazing beads 
  • Rubber (EPDM) seal for better edge protection 
  • Choice of glazing options from Standard to Low-E  

The key feature of the EVS Double Retro Glazing is the Aerated PVC profile that provides a strong and low profile bead that secures the glass into its position. The PVC profile integrates a rubber (EPDM) seal that provides a durable seal and a sharp looking finish. The PVC can be cut, pinned and painted like timber but unlike timber it wont swell up with moisture or bend, twist or split after it has been installed making for a more durable and long lasting solution.

EVS Double Retro Glazing

Double Glazing System

The EVS Double Retro Glazing system follows industry standards when it comes to specifying glass and securing the glass with suitable glazing blocks and edge clearances. Where EVS stands out from the others is the design of the glazing beads follows the EVS method of using air vents to provide air movement around the installed glazing panel. Trapped moisture very rarely flows out from the drain holes unless there is an excessive amount of moisture getting into the cavity, so air vents work better to remove moisture that would otherwise cause rot or panel failure. The PVC and EPDM rubber seals also serve to provide a long lasting bead seal.

EVS Triple
Retro Glazing 

RetroWood is the Agent for EVS Triple Retro Glazing that uses advanced uPVC glazing frames that protect existing character windows as well as providing them with leading insulation.

  • Advanced uPVC frames for better protection 
  • Highest insulation options for retro glazing   
  • Choice of glazing options from Standard to Low-E  

Triple Retro Glazing is a whole new way to enhance existing windows that maximize the insulation and protection while reducing the time and invasive installation process. The EVS panels can be fitted with most types of glass combinations and can be tailored to the customer's requirements and budget. Most commonly Low-e Glass is used to achieve the high performance insulation, whereas standard glass can provide more heating from the sun.

The key to the EVS technology is using thermal pumping as a way to remove trapped moisture that collects between the existing and new panel. As the panel heats up during the day, the warm air mobilizes the trapped moisture which rises to the top of the panel where it is pumped out through the top vents by the action of heat expansion. As the panel cools down, the opposite happens and it contracts and draws in external dryer air.

The vents use the unique qualities of Bentonite clay that can absorb moisture from the air, but unlike other synthetic desiccates Bentonite clay can release the moisture at low temperatures allowing the moisture to be captured in cool temperatures and released when the panel warms up.   

Triple Glazing System

EVS has developed this unique system to ensure any trapped moisture can be released and not build up between the panels and cause fogging. The process is called thermal pumping that uses the cycle of warm and cold to breath in cool dry air and expel warm moist air and promote a dry cavity between the existing glass and new glass panel. The panel is clipped to the surface of the existing timber sash and is sealed and painted so that it integrates into the style of the existing joinery. It is recommended that opening panels are also fitted with EVS Draught Stop to achieve the best performance result

EVS Draught Retro Seals

RetroWood is the Agent for EVS Draught Retro Seals that use advanced uPVC profiles to provide a more durable and effective draught stop system. 

  • Advanced uPVC aerated profiles that look like timber
  • Long lasting seals that provide durability 
  • Pre finished in white or timber in different sizes and designs

Older homes with character timber windows that can look nice, but have gaps that reduce their effectiveness. There are many gap filling foam seals on the market, they are only short term solutions. EVS has developed a range of unique, easy to fit, retro seals made from aerated PVC that look and feel like timber. Pre-finished in white or timber and fitted with quality seals for a durable and lasting result that meets the requirements of the Healthy Home Standards.  

EVS Double Retro Glazing

Tested Quality 

-Compression deformation test: 70% compression rate of 50% under continuous compression 22 hours, deformation rate ≤ 10%
-Compression test: at 25% of the compression rate, the impose 15N / 100mm force, the compression rate ≤ 10N
-Temperature range test: from -40 ºC to 90 ºC no significant change in sealing performance
-Heat conduction K value test: 0 ºC K value ≤ 0.035W / m2K
Fatigue test: imitate the window switch 500,000 times, no significant change in shape
Sound insulation test: only with the intermediate tape IV68 windows, drop noise 43 dB
Outdoor anti-aging test: the current has reached more than 20 years, the performance remains intact 

Structure and Materials – Polyurethane Foam Seals

Polyethylene (PE) film – weather and UV-resistant

Polyurethane (PU) foam core – high durability, superior recovery performance

Polypropylene (PP) co-extruded insert – prevents elongation and shrinkage, easy installation.

Durable, UV Resistant polyethylene cladding bonded to resilient urethane foam for outstanding sealing against air and water infiltration. Superior appearance, easy operation, easy cleaning, outstanding durability, energy efficient. Smooth or embossed exterior, resistant to contamination. Compatible with cleaning agents.

EVS Retro Glazing 

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Retro Wood is out of the ordinary

Being out of the ordinary is Cathy Mann, New Zealand's very first qualified female Joiner!  She has had a passion for timber ever since. Her latest project being featured on the first Season of Grand Designs New Zealand where her skill and handy work demonstrated skill for timber craftsmanship. Together with Mike Hodges who has designed and built a number of houses over the years and literally thinks outside the square , Mike and Cathy head up Retro Wood to provide their skills and services for your dream home.

Cathy Mann Joiner

Cathy Mann building a set of feature barn style doors for Nick and poly's new home Queensberry Hills 

Grand Designs Home

The partially completed Straw Mansion designed and built by Mike Hodges and Cathy Mann. This build features curved walls and roofs.

Antique Timber Joinery

Curved bay windows made from hardwood power poles and transformed into a timeless feature with beautiful character timbers.

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